{Allison + Gus} Cincinnati Wedding Photographer


Well let me just start out by saying that I am a little behind on this post…(8 months to be exact)…but I can promise you that it was worth the wait. Allison & Gus were married exactly 8 months ago from today, so I thought it was about time to share their special day. The ceremony was at St. Aloysius in Cincinnati & the reception was at The Grand in Covington. The talented Posy Floral Designs did such an amazing job with all of the flowers. Allison had 16 bridesmaids, so props to Holly for designing all of the gorgeous bouquets & arrangements…you go girl  ;)

105A9212105A91502014-09-03_0007105A9323105A9356105A9364105A9410105A9453105A9594105A9612105A9636105A9700105A9746105A9784105A9794Doesn't Allison look like Blake Lively? Gorgeous!! 105A9846105A9518105A95392014-09-03_0010105A9893105A9913105A99182014-09-03_0004105A0041105A0044105A0069105A0128105A0389105A04212014-09-03_0003

Allison's dad came to the rescue with the jewelry! 105A0520105A0529105A0532105A05862014-09-03_0002105A06412014-09-03_0001Gus & Andy have been friends since elementary school, so it was pretty fun to have my husband around for the day 105A0815105A0834105A0863105A0898105A0985105A1266

105A1298105A1325I give you the bravest bridesmaids in the world - Thank you ladies for being troopers! 105A1343105A1380105A1409105A1421Poor Allison dropped her ring in the snow, but her lovely bridesmaids kept hunting for it while we snapped some photos! 105A1470105A1503105A1536105A1586105A1599…and Melody saves the day! You are the best, Melody! 105A1611105A1647105A1693105A1672105A17102014-09-03_0006105A1773105A1822105A1909105A2019105A2136105A2152105A2159We stopped for a quick foot rub ;) I think all of our toes were FROZEN 105A2180105A2278105A22832014-09-03_0005105A2683105A2711105A2756105A2834105A2946105A2975105A2988105A3057105A3081105A3534105A3544105A3552105A3555105A3614105A3627


Allison & Gus - Thank you for allowing the "Anna K Team" to be part of your special day! Wishing you many many years of happiness together  :)